Moved Rak'n'Roll Records!

Aks, October 15, 2012

We are witnessing the start of emergency project. I just started a charity record label Rak'n'Roll Records provides collected in songs free Wraza based this listening of the possibility of their paid download. Begging the sale funding woe on the walk from Rakim Piers and in return to help normal women after surgery.



Mama Selita and 'Master camouflage' "

Aks, October 11, 2012

A few months after the release of "3, 2, 1 ..." gentlemen of the Warsaw band is not slowing down. During the break in the work on new material, excerpts of which will be heard at the next concert, created a picture to the third single titled "Master camouflage".



Forin supports manufacturers

Pasia, October 8, 2012

If we were to compile a list of persons responsible for the image of Polish rap scene, a place at the forefront definitely would have ensured Forin, or Greg Piwnicki. Plates, for which graphic design was responsible, sold a total of hundreds of thousands of units. Although created projects for the first division (Sharp, Womb or Vienio & Pele), in its portfolio of special attention attracted by projects for underground players, such as a can or box Streetworkerz pizza Sekaku. Now he decided to support domestic producers.



Beat diggin ' — dokument z ' 97

Aks, September 22, 2012

YT vast archives never cease to amaze us. Among the hundreds of thousands of videos about cats, cooking or ineptly rappin teenagers can find unusual gems. One of them is definitely coming of the 1997 document Beat diggin ' - a film presenting the culture of sampling and burial gratings presented by representatives of DITC and Beatminerz. They also add flavor to archival records of performances Mos Def and Common. It is worth spending a half hour on this phenomenal material. Enjoy!



Roux SPAN will just be yourself '- interview

Aks, August 29, 2012

Andrew Jarosiński, better known as Roux SPAN is an extremely talented producer hip-hop and jazz musician. In connection with the completed project just 9 weeks of sun we decided to ask him a few questions about his recent production, studies in Denmark and publishing plans. Check necessarily what is going on with Roux



King Britt and his record collection

Aks, August 28, 2012

King Britt is a native of Philadelphia DJ, composer and producer. In his work I use a wealth of knowledge about the music of many cultures and genres by combining them with electronic sounds, thus combining the sounds of the past with the present. Eliot Paz Project Dust & Grooves visited Britta in his apartment. We invite you to have a look at his phenomenal record collection.



The music from the network, according to experts"

Aks, August 23, 2012

A few days ago Tomasz Majewski, our gold shot-putter from Beijing and London, in an interview with GW admitted to downloading music from the net. In the same sentence, he said it is true that buys about 10 albums a year, but the music industry is effectively ignored this fact and protested against the attitude of master thieves and violations of the principles of fair play. We asked several people where this sector is close to comment for music on the Web.



Day one at the Coke Live Music Festival - report

Aks, August 23, 2012

Several days after this year's Coke Live Music Festival came time to summarize. A little reflection on the events of those two days accumulated in August, so we decided to divide them into two parts. Today we present an account of the first day, during which mainly mattered The Roots concert. Enjoy.



About what to us

Aks, October 1, 2012

In the music industry, we can distinguish two main periods during which the musicians with a vengeance try to spend their albums. The first period is the time przedwakacyjny with all this gold shell sun and freedom. The second period while this autumn, when almost all sink into apathy busily shortened days, and artists like exquisitely psychologists are trying to stand in front of the worried listeners.


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