Why-Duck draw live

This past Saturday was held StartinGood Kompany Hour event inaugurating the new space coworkingowej activity in the capital of Malopolska. During the 24 hours following could include listen to interesting lectures, participate in workshops DJ and party with the participation of Envee'go and Animisiewasz. We also had the opportunity to look at rysujÄ…cemu live Why-Duckowi. See how his work was created and looked like the end result.



Music at the end of the world

Aks, December 20, 2012

The crew sofas in one of the numbers from their latest album, singing the chorus "End of the World is so close, it will only hardkor and disco" little anticipated solution to our competition. It is noisy, it is chill. It is very variously. Check out the several proposed by you artists whose it will be worth exploring the great unknown ...



Small obituary, meaning "Zeus. Dead. "

Pasia, December 4, 2012

Zeus is dead ?! What happened ?! Accident ?! Contrary to the first part of the audience reactions, Kamil Rutkowski is alive and quite well, and his new album proved that even from beyond the grave, you can spend a great album



Competition for the end of the world

Pasia, December 4, 2012

Sung in many books and works approaching end of the world supposedly getting bigger steps ... Some people say that there will be late this year, and more - for equal month. We start the countdown and on this occasion to announce a contest in which you can pick up one of the ten Spotify Premium accounts. Interested?



I have five plates, one and a half meters and no one does not like me - Raca interviewed

Pasia, November 8, 2012

Rafal Szulc, that Raca is a rapper with small size, big talent and a huge heart for music. Last incredibly busy, but found time to talk to us about his previous album, upcoming projects and Meso pop-up with leaves.



The evolution of rap in Poland at the turn of the century

Pasia, November 5, 2012

How much time counts rap in Poland? Ten? Fifteen? For those few years probably it has today even twenty. But despite exact age of today's rap, it must be admitted that at that time many things have changed in the mentality of Polish artist. How many? This question went to Gouda, and reflections decided to share with us.



Rak'n'Roll moved Records!

Aks, October 15, 2012

We are witnessing a unique project start. Launching just charity Rak'n'Roll Records music label provides stored in the database songs for free listening, along with the possibility of a paid download. The collected funds from the sale will be earmarked for the fight against breast cancer and help in returning to normal life for women after surgery.



Mama Selita and "Master camouflage"

Aks, October 11, 2012

A few months after the release of "3, 2, 1 ..." gentlemen of the Warsaw band is not slowing down. During the break in the work on new material, excerpts of which will be heard at the next concert, created a picture to the third single titled "Master camouflage".



Forin supports manufacturers"

Aks, October 8, 2012

If we were to compile a list of persons responsible for the image of Polish rap scene, a place at the forefront definitely would have ensured Forin, or Greg Piwnicki. Plates, for which graphic design was responsible, sold a total of hundreds of thousands of units. Although created projects for the first division (Sharp, Womb or Vienio and Pele), in its portfolio of special attention attracted by projects for underground players, such as a can or box Streetworkerz pizza Sekaku. Now he decided to support domestic producers.



(Really?) You are God"

Aks, October 1, 2012

Long to convince anyone to make a movie about Paktofonice - magician, Rahimi and Focus will. It took a long time before you could picture seen on the big screen. It was said long before the premiere. It seems that long will discuss about it. We also have seen, we also write about it.


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